at ISE 2024

Come say hi at 7H820 BOOTH!

Last time Outline exhibited at ISE was in 2020. Three years later, world’s turned different – and so did we! There’s a handful of novelties, and a lot more’s cooking. Here’s a sneak preview on (almost) anything new, while at 7H820 we’re indeed waiting for you.


Raising the bar on style:

[•–] centro stile!

Tasked with communication– and industrial product design, this newly established unit fluently deals with both visual- and materials’ languages, across fine arts and engineering, advertising and technology – adding further exchange value to Outline’s proposition.


front grille:

Finest sound+visuals.

With improved void-on-full ratio, while still holding strong, WEAVE sports a distinctive, quasi-textile-look, clearly reminiscent of the linen curtains that hung at Aunt Carla’s living room, during the glorious ’70s of Outline heydays.




The first product design commissioned to Centro Stile, P8 embodies features from the upcoming P-SERIES such as

  • co-axial speakers
  • integral carrying handles
  • asymmetrical side-walls
  • Weave front grille
  • (rotatable) [•–] shield
  • superior response coherence



it's Sir Isaac.

Newton’s new multi-platform control software – now serving users from Windows and macOS communities!

Windows and macOS are trademarks of their respective owners, with which Outline is in no way affiliated whatsoever.

Please note: we’re undergoing beta validation – which means you may not want to use this current version for production purposes.

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